A little drabble…

I can’t begin to tell you how much of a TV series whore I am. Damnit, its ridiculous. And yet, I’m sucked into the different realities each and every week.

I drift from a world where superheroes exist to one where the monsters that you were told didn’t exist, do. I jump right in where zombies aren’t as rampant and mad as you think, and are capable of holding down perfectly legit jobs. Off to another place where the headless horseman is pretty damn adept at using a shotgun. Then of course there is an FBI’s most wanted who, well…helps the FBI catch bad guys. Great right?! And I could go on and on and on…..

I can’t deny, I love it. Millions of people love it. That escapist feeling it gives to one is great. And of course sometimes you get way too involved, but hey, fandom life rocks. Hard.

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